Precious-metal-containing and precious-metal-free conductive preparations from DODUCO Contacts and Refining GmbH

Information on silver- and graphite-based conductive varnishes, conductive pastes and conductive glues


With nearly 100 years of experience, DODUCO is a reliable, LBMA-certified German manufacturer of precious-metal-containing products. One of its product categories are precious-metal-containing conductive preparations (silver-pigmented) and precious-metal-free conductive preparations (graphite-pigmented), such as varnishes, pastes and glues.

The silver contained in silver-pigmented conductive preparations is produced in DODUCO-specific processes as silver powder or silver flakes.



Silver-pigmented conductive preparations                   graphite-pigmented conductive preparations


Depending on composition of the conductive preparation, the resulting properties and the technical requirements, these products are often used in many different electrical and electronic areas where conductive layers are needed.


DODUCO precious metal preparations and graphite preparations are characterised by higher purity, particularly good homogeneity and long-term stability (durability).


Precious metals from your production wastes can be recovered in DODUCO's recycling processes. The resulting highly pure precious metals are also offered on the market as silver granules, gold granules or silver ingots.





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DODUCO Contacts and Refining GmbH is an accredited Silver LBMA Good Delivery List Refiner. This logo is a trade mark of The London Bullion Market Association.





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